4 Budget Bathroom Storage Tips

4 Budget Bathroom Storage Tips

Always seem to run out of usable space in your bathroom? Join the club, with styling products, extra towels, toilet paper rolls, toiletries and basic needs, there never seems to be enough bathroom storage. Budget constraints can be a major issue when looking for extra bathroom storage. We have some simple and cost effective ways to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.


There never seems to be enough space in the shower for all of your daily products. Too much shampoo, conditioner and body wash? All you need are some dollar store suction cups and hair ties. Lace a hair tie through a suction cup and knot it securely through the hole in the middle. Attach the suction cups to the walls of your shower and fit all of your extra bottles into the hair tie loop. Another inexpensive tip is to install another tension rod inside of your shower. Add hooks to your secondary rod for places to hang your loofahs or even another small shower caddy for shaving cream.


Unless you are lucky enough to have a huge medicine cabinet or a massive bathroom cabinet, bathroom storage for this area is at a premium. You can double your medicine cabinet’s space by installing organizers on the back of the mirror. For only $11, you can purchase 3-packs of attachable pods that use adhesive to attach the the unusable space. You can store Qtips, toothbrushes or cosmetics with these easy to attach pods. IKEA offers another great solution. You can install a picture ledge above your sink to store hand soap, hair products and even scented candles. This solution not only gives you extra storage but it also is a great decorative feature for your bathroom.

Towel Rack

Hanging towels to dry takes up a ton of space, especially for large families. A underutilized area in your bathroom is behind your bathroom door. You can stack inexpensive towel drying bars behind your door with screws to hang multiple towels to dry. Clean towels also eat up precious bathroom storage space. Screw a wine rack above your toilet to store rolled up towels in many sizes for future use.


New cabinets can be very expensive and hard to swing for a family on a budget. We have an easy and cheap solution for you. Visit goodwill or even prowl the neighborhood on trash day for old drawers from a dresser. They can be easily spray painted to match your bathroom’s décor. Attach to the walls to store extra toiletries that are used everyday without the hassle of storing them in a medicine cabinet. You can customize these drawers further by attaching old wallpaper to the open area.

Who would ever figure that you could gain so much extra space in your bathroom on a tight budget? Not only are these budget friendly items, but they help organize your space for hectic mornings when the kids are running late or you have an unexpected meeting.