Home Improvement Tips That Add Value To Your Home | Orlando Home Improvement

Home Improvement Tips That Add Value To Your Home | Orlando Home Improvement

Whether you’re getting it ready for sale or want to spruce it up just for your own fun, there are quite a number of home improvement tips you can employ to increase your home’s value. The costs and paybacks for each of these projects vary depending on your home’s condition as well as the current real estate market values. Below are 5 Orlando home improvement tips that you can use to increase your home’s value. Some you can do it yourself while others need a professional contractor.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen
The kitchen is considered the eye if not heart of every home. Anyone looking to buy a home will take some time to assess the nature and outlook of a kitchen before even thinking about checking out anything else. Therefore, ensure your kitchen is reasonably updated and clean. You just need a few dollars to fit a new kitchen faucet set, update old lighting units with new brighter ones and add new cabinet doors and handles. In case you have enough budget, then you can give your cabinets a makeover instead of investing in a new cabinet system. Hire a refacing company or contractor to do the job for you. The contractor can remove cabinet drawers and doors and replace them with new ones. Adding a new coat of paint over the entire set make your cabinets look like they’re new.

2. Buff Up The Bathroom
Bathrooms also need to be updated once in a while. Improving a bathroom won’t be expensive because doing simple improvements like fitting a pedestal sink and toilet seat make a huge difference on how the bath looks. You can also replace an old and discolored bathroom floor with vinyl tiles. In case your shower and tub look clingy, you can re-grout the tiles and replace any chipped tiles. If you feel that there is need for a more comprehensive or complete cover up, then you can try a prefabricated surround, which will give your tub and shower a fresh look.

3. Set Up Your Storage
Most old houses are known to be notorious when it comes storage space. They often lack a closet space where you can store clothes. One suggestion would be to add a do-it-yourself wire & laminate closet systems to pantries and bedroom closets. There are many firms that allow you to measure as well as redesign your closets online. You can get appropriate design details for these systems in most large home-improvement stores. The good news is that it often takes less than a week to update most closets.

4. Consider Your Floor
Never overlook the materials you’re standing on. If you’re preparing to put your home on sale, then real estate agents recommend that you spend some bucks on your floors. If you spend between $600 and $900, then there is a likelihood that the return value will range around $2,000. You can even spend less than that because even a few well-placed nails can help eliminate distracting squeaks. You can also repair broken tiles, patch damaged floor boards or toss out the wall-to-wall carpeting. However, in case you find that the floor needs to be replaced, do not hesitate because doing all other improvements while the floor remains in an old and dilapidated state doesn’t do much good.

5. Consider Curb Appeal
Although it might sound too obvious, a swept walkway, a finely mowed lawn and well-placed shrubs make an impressive first impression. Most homeowners forget about their trees, leaving them to overgrow instead of pruning them. Unkempt bushes and tangled trees can obscure views, darken interiors and even block a good view at the house. Landscaping is an important element that can add significant value to your home. According to a survey that was carried out in 2007 by HomeGain, a real estate marketing site, investing between $400 and $500 in landscaping can bring you returns worth four times the amount spent. You can do some of these things yourself, including pruning your shrubs and mowing the lawn. However, some might require a professional contractor to achieve the best results.

In conclusion, how you take care of your home determines its value. If you’re planning to put your home on sale to a new buyer, then it is worth investing a few dollars so that its market value can increase. With these few Orlando home improvement tips, you can double your home’s value by just spending a small amount of money.