Home Security | Five Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft

Home Security | Five Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft

As a parent, it’s your duty to keep your home safe from burglars who may break inside and steal your property or harm your family. There’s nothing more important than feeling safe in your home, as without a safe home, nothing will seem right. Some people would think that signing up for home security monitoring is the only way to keep their home safe but the truth is, there are other cheaper ways that can greatly improve your home security. In this article, we shall discuss five security tips that you can do to protect your belongings from theft.

Keep your home always locked up when you’re away

Burglars will always take advantage of unlocked homes. Every time you are going out, whether for a long journey or to the shop, make sure that your doors and windows are locked up. The locks need to be durable and strong such that thieves cannot break them easily. Your local locksmith can help you find high-security locks for your house, garage, and car. 

Keep your keys safe

You should keep your keys away from outsiders as they can be easily copied. If you hide them somewhere at your home, make sure that you change the location frequently and communicate with your family. Don’t lend your keys to any outsider as no one can be trusted even your best friend. Sometimes you can misplace or lose your keys. If this happens, you should consider replacing your locks, as you don’t know who may be having them.

Monitor all targets and make sure they well lit

Burglars usually target some places like your garage or garden shed. They know that they can find some tools like a ladder to help them break in. To prevent this, you can save for few dollars to buy motion sensors. Modern sensors can be configured with your smartphone for easy monitoring. Other than motion sensors, there other inexpensive DIY security gadgets such cameras and alarm systems which you can buy. These gadgets plus enough lighting can go a long way in protecting your home from burglary.

Befriend your neighbors

If you’ve just moved into a new house, you may not be completely sure of the security in the place. You may want to make friends with some few neighbors who can monitor your home and report suspicious activities to you when you are away. And when they are away, you can return the favor. 

Reinforce your defenses

If your home is surrounded by a live perimeter fence, you should consider replacing it with a more secure fence like an electric one. Although this may cost you more, it will save you a lot in the long run. If your budget is low, a wall fence can also work. Other important defenses to watch out for include your doors and windows. You can invest in solid-core doors and high-security windows which are made of strong metal to prevent break-ins.

If you keep in mind these simple home security tips, you can greatly prevent your home from burglary.